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The journey to six-pack abs to be proud of takes discipline, determination and plenty of hard work. Unfortunately, sculpting a defined six pack is a dream that never happens for millions of men. Even with regular exercise, a balanced diet, and a healthier lifestyle, your abs could still stay hidden beneath subcutaneous fat.

Freeze Fat, Uncover Your Abs

When exercise alone isn’t enough, there’s a safe, effective and affordable way to uncover your abs. Your six pack is there – it’s simply hiding behind a layer of subcutaneous fat – aka ‘fluffy’ fat. Particularly problematic around the waist, subcutaneous fat is surprisingly good at hiding the results of your hard work and exercise.
This is where the incredible effects of CoolSculpting can help. An alternative to liposuction for the elimination of unwanted fat cells, CoolSculpting is 100% non-invasive and presents no risk of sagging or hanging skin. A truly innovative fat removal system for the 21st century, CoolSculpting uses a process known as Cryolipolysis to accurately target, freeze and remove unsightly fat cells.

CoolSculpting is particularly effective when used to remove excess fat around the abdomen, the flanks and the thighs, leading to a more toned and defined look. The technology works by reprogramming subcutaneous fat cells through a process of supercooling, which causes them to deteriorate over time and be expelled through the body’s natural waste removal processes.
Incredibly, a single cycle of CoolSculpting is capable of removing up to 20% of problematic subcutaneous from the affected area. Remove the fat that’s covering your abs and reveal a six pack to be proud of!

Who is CoolSculpting Suitable For?

CoolSculpting is a cutting-edge treatment for the elimination of unwanted fat cells in problem areas up and down the body. Nevertheless, it isn’t designed to deliver a sculpted, toned or ripped appearance in its own right. It’s up to you to build the six-pack abs you’ve always dreamed of – CoolSculpting is simply a way of bringing them out into the open!
As a complementary treatment to a healthy lifestyle and a committed exercise regime, CoolSculpting can help you maximise the results of your workouts. Designed to gradually eliminate subcutaneous fat cells in a safe and effective manner, the results of CoolSculpting become visible over a period of 2 to 3 months. Just like hitting the gym on a regular basis, CoolSculpting builds towards exceptional results over time.

What Are the Risks of CoolSculpting for Abs?

CoolSculpting has been certified as safe by official public health licensing organisations. Aside from a slight tingling sensation and numbness during the procedure, there’s no pain or discomfort to worry about.
After each cycle of treatment, it’s possible to experience mild aching, swelling or tenderness of the treated area, which should subside naturally with time. Unlike comparable fat removal procedures like liposuction, there’s no downtime to worry about with CoolSculpting – you’re free to return to your normal life right after each session!

For more information or to discuss the benefits of CoolSculpting in more detail, contact one of our expert clinicians today.

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