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Lipocontrast is a new body contouring treatment based on advanced Cryothermal technology. This cutting edge technology delivers rapid results by heating, cooling and reheating the fat cells. This process reduces body fat without damaging the surrounding tissue. 33% of the treated area will be eliminated and gradually broken down by the metabolic system and results will be seen at 21 days. Clients who want a further reduction may be retreated at 4 weeks.

Benefits of having this treatment at Kent and Surrey Aesthetics.

  1. Extensive experience with cryo body treatments
  2. Affordable
  3. Skin tightening treatments available to combat loose skin if needed.


How is a Lipocontrast treatment done?

You will be examined and your medical history obtained to make sure you are suitable for treatment. Once we have decided on the areas to be treated your photographs will be taken. The areas will be marked out and a thin layer of gel will be applied. The head will be positioned over the area and the vacuum applied. This will gently pull up the fat pocket into the head and your treatment will begin.

What happens during treatment?

The machine will heat the fat to begin with, then cool the area down to a very low temperature and after 5 minutes you will feel numb. The last part of the treatment, heats the fat again until your hour has ended and the head piece will be released from the skin. Your therapist will then massage the area for several minutes which may be uncomfortable. If another area is to be treated , the process begins again.

How long does it take?

All areas will take 1 full hour.

Is it for everyone?

You will be fully assessed at your consult. Anyone who has had surgery in the area must wait six months for treatment. Other contraindications will be ruled out at consult.

When will I see results?

Results will be seen at 21 days!

Will the fat return?

No, this is a permanent fat removal treatment.

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